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personal training and pilates

to sign up for personal training or reformer pilates....please call or text 503.957.0022.


personal training

Karin Schmidt is a Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. She has been training for over 20 years. She came to Portland from San Francisco in 2007. In San Francisco, she was the Fitness Director of one of the largest clubs in the city. After years of experience, she started Urban Recess and her independent personal training business. Karin has seen it all and tried it all as far as fitness methods are concerned. She has found a method that is safe, efficient and best helps women maintain desirable weight and feminine muscle tone.


Karin loves what she does and genuinely wants to help people. So, she keeps her prices affordable. She does this so that she can work with all kinds of people and to enable them to workout more often. She can come to your home, office, an outside location, or her Pilates studio. If you would like to know more about Karin, please email her at or call/text 5O3.957.OO22.


Pilates is a life changer! Karin was blown away by its effectiveness immediately. With traditional weight training, you can feel the soreness in muscle groups the next day. This means it is tearing muscle and building it back bigger. Most women do not want to get bigger. Pilates is lengthening and toning, not making you bigger. Expect to meet a leaner you!


Karin has been teaching Pilates for 19 years. Over time, she has taken the original method and massaged it, to eliminate safety concerns with the original Pilates method, and brought it to the future as a safe and extremely effective method of helping her clients achieve their optimal fitness. Joseph Pilates was truly brilliant. He created a version of Pilates for all types of bodies (soldiers injured in war, athletes, ballerinas, working people, etc.). His methods were totally revolutionary in the 1930s. Today, many of his original methods still produce great, safe results, but some of these original teachings included exercises we know now to be dangerous or counter to the body's design. Karin retains the best of Joseph Pilates’ original teachings and has left any questionable methods behind.


Karin has also seen failing posture, so called “text neck,” and anatomical issues, like scoliosis and osteoporosis, become drastically better as a result of consistent Pilates training. This method works on imbalances and can help the weaker side catch up to the stronger side of our bodies.
We have two Pilates’ reformers in our NE location. Plan a duet! Sign up with a friend or maybe as mother/daughter duo.


Give Pilates a will change your life!

senior fitness

Karin Schmidt is certified by SFA (Senior Fitness Association) and really enjoys this working with this demographic. We are an aging population and we are living longer. More than ever, we need to be healthy and ready to live up to the task! I think we would all say that when we are 80 we would like to feel good, stable in our frame, and happy! That is the goal when working with seniors.


Balance is often key when working with seniors. A hard fall can be one's demise. Falls are easy to prevent through a consistent regime of balance and gradual strength training work.
Karin has seen miraculous results with persons who were seemingly losing their mobility. With a little effort, they got back in action, and then some. It is possible to turn back the clock in some ways with the body... So, let's get started!

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